Is it the kind of place where you or your loved one will be comfortable enough to trust the process?

Treatment Style

How does the center’s treatment style fit with your needs  and personality. 

Family Support

How often are family visits allowed?  Is there education available for family members?

- Food -

How are meals handled?  Is the plan suited for you or your loved one?

- Physical Activity -

What type is allowed in the center?  How is it structured and supervised? 

Social Outings

How much access do patients have to the outside world?  Are there structured outings? 


Some prefer to get away from local stressors while others feel safer close to home

Education Opportunities

Is there a program in place so patients who must miss school can keep up with their studies?

External Contact

Do patients have access to the web.  If so, does this include email, phones, etc?  What sites are blocked from patient use?


Does the center offer a program to help patients transition back into life.   If not, you will want to find a supportive transition program to continue after leaving the center to help keep you or your loved one from relapsing.